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Bio-compatible Tooth Colored Dental Restorations in Melbourne

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With tooth-colored dental restorations, Dental Choice of Melbourne offers an easier way to fill in the gaps in your smile. Call now for more details about our alternative to crowns.

What are Bio-Compatible Tooth-Colored Dental Restorations?

Bio-compatible tooth-colored dental restorations consist of composite fillings that are made up of ceramic resin. Using these composites, Dr. Julia Bunker can fill in and strengthen broken teeth without filing down any existing dentine and enamel.

While traditional mercury amalgam requires more extensive work to mold your tooth into a form that will accept the filling, composite resin bonds more readily to existing tooth enamel. In this way, it can be shaped instantly, meaning that your filling can be completed in a single visit, and you can enjoy instant results.

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Bio-compatible Tooth Colored Dental Restorations Melbourne

An easier way to fill in the gaps in your smile

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Crown Restorations

Crowns, or caps, are a tried-and-tested method of restoring and supporting worn-down, decayed or broken teeth. Thanks to recent developments, crowns can now be made to blend seamlessly with your existing teeth. Your subtle new teeth cover come in either porcelain or gold with a thin porcelain overlay.

Crowns are mainly used where more robust alternatives to dental bonding or dental veneers are required. Crowns are made to completely encircle the broken tooth and protect it from further damage.

Crowns come in several varieties, each one with specific pros and cons. Dr. Bunker at Dental Choice of Melbourne will be happy to discuss your choice at length during your consultation. Call now to book!

When you need a robust alternative to veneers and bonding

Bio-compatible Tooth Colored Dental Restorations Palm Bay

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