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Surgical Extractions in Melbourne

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At Dental Choice of Melbourne, we treat tooth extractions as a last resort! Reserved for teeth that are too worn down to be repaired, our extractions can be done under local or general anesthetic. Call now to book an appointment or walk-in for emergency treatment!

The Extraction Process

Though the tooth extraction process may seem relatively straightforward, at Dental Choice of Melbourne, we follow a meticulous process. Regardless of your extraction’s complexity, the first thing we will need to do is X-Ray the tooth and the surrounding area. This will let Dr. Bunker assess the tooth and gums and ensure that there is no additional damage to the tissue or neighboring teeth.

Once she determines the best extraction approach, you will be anesthetized either locally or using a general aesthetic. Your type of anesthetic will depend on how invasive the extraction will be and how nervous you feel about your procedure. Next, Dr. Bunker will remove your tooth.

It is important to remember that a tooth extraction is just your first step. You will need to decide how you wish to fill the gap left by the tooth. There are several options, such as bridges or implants. Dr. Bunker would be happy to discuss the possibilities in further detail.

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Surgical Extractions Melbourne

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To avoid complications such as serious mouth infections, or further tooth loss, it is imperative that you adhere to the aftercare requests prescribed after your surgical extraction. Residual bleeding of the extraction site is to be expected for the 48 hours following your tooth removal, but this should gradually abate.

When the blood clot forms around the extraction site, leave it alone. Do not suck on it, do not brush the area, do not eat on that side of your mouth and do not rinse it out. It is important that you abide by these instructions to prevent infection or a dry socket.

You will be able to brush your teeth again after about 12 hours, but we recommend that you do so very gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

To avoid injuring your mouth, you should also avoid very hot or very cold food while you’re waiting for the anesthesia to wear off. If you have any questions regarding aftercare, call Dental Choice of Melbourne as soon as you can!

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